Open / Closed Toe CCL3 - HIGH PRESSURE 34- 46 mmHg

Product Code: 316

These stockings are not only flexible and elastic but also cost-effective. The stockings are very durable. Thanks to compression feature via rounded knitting technology, the stockings are designed particularly for treatment of moderate edema formation, or of circumstances prone to edema formation, of varicose formation during pregnancy, of low-level edemas, of inf lammator y venous diseases, and of thrombosis.

Applicable pressure falls in the range of pressure as mentioned, and KÖSEMED guarantees such pressure. There is a gradual pressure system in compliance with the medical pressure s tandards. Open or closed-toe options are available. For open-toe models, an exclusive double layer weaving is utilized. Hence, neither incision nor unfavorable situation arises out on the feet or toes. Your feet will feel great comfort.